How Cyber School Works

With the recent advances in technology over the past two decades, thousands of parents and students are choosing cyber schools as their schools of choice.

Though cyber schools and their brick and mortar counterparts can be very similar, there are major differences which can be the perfect fit for your student and family.

How Cyber School Works

  • Students attend all their classes virtually via the internet from the comfort and safety of their home
  • All classwork is submitted online (No more lost homework!)
  • Classes are taught in live video sessions by state certified teachers with a state aligned curriculum.
  • Students can get additional help by teachers through email, video conferencing and text-based programs

Upon enrolling, each student is loaned a laptop as well any other technology the student would need throughout the year.  Along with a receiving equipment, students will also receive a virtual orientation that educates the child and family on how to attend class, submit classwork, and much more.