Here at ECCS, students are offered many opportunities to get help during the school day. We understand the importance of providing additional help to our students.  We realize that many of our students need additional help. So we are now providing unlimited tutoring to support them throughout the school year. For more information, follow the steps below.

Middle School

ECCS In-House Tutoring Program:

  • We have just launched our 2023-2024 In House Tutoring Program to supplement our use of
  • Tutors listed on the doc to the right are available by appointment to work with students after 3:40 pm.
  • It is essential if you make an appointment with a tutor that you arrive on time.
  • Students who miss more than 3 tutoring sessions will unfortunately be ineligible to continue tutoring to make time for other students.
  • Please feel free to reach out to any of the tutors listed to the right to check on their availability to schedule a session OR complete the Tutoring Request form linked below.

Some fast facts about

  • It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week –> EVEN WEEKENDS!!!
  • It is free for students at ECCS!
  • Students do not need an appointment to sign up – they just go to their classlink dashboard and click on “
  • Tutoring is with a live tutor, just not a teacher at our school
  • Students can choose whether to just use text to chat or use voice and text
  • Students can attach assignments to work on and work on a whiteboard with the tutor