Welcome to the ECCS Technology Department! Here at ECCS, technology is at the very foundation of our program.

Cyber education requires that all students interact with technology on a daily basis, and it is important that interaction with the World Wide Web and peers happen in a safe and appropriate manner.

The ECCS Technology Department is dedicated to preparing our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to communicate, create, and think critically in the ever-changing, technologically advanced society in which we live.

The Technology Department is tasked with the sole mission to provide real-time technical assistance and training to students and staff. Whether the issue is a faulty battery, forgotten password, damaged device, or navigation issue, the ECCS Technology Department strives to ensure that students receive responsive and appropriate assistance in order to limit the amount of disruption to their coursework.

ECCS Helpdesk

If your student needs any technology assistance please contact us at: